We help businesses to build impenetrable cloud infrastructure so they can be assured of the safety of their systems and data.
Cloud Security Management Services
Security Design and Implementation Services

Once a security baseline for the Cloud Platform and Systems is established, we offer annual license for ongoing management and maintenance. This service ensures you security state remains stable and resistant to internal changes as well as external attacks

Whether you are just beginning to incorporate cloud based solutions into your infrastructure or expanding your cloud operations, our team is well equipped to design a custom-tailored security solution for your systems. As leading specialists in information security, we can devise the optimal, cost effective, customer adjusted solution to satisfy both your current needs and growth potential

Auditing Services

The variety and the amount of systems, servers and services from which any cloud environment is built increase the complexity of security configuration. Our auditing starts with mapping your system, allowing a full view of the current state from every angle of every security aspect

Legal Advisory Services

Regardless of your field of operations, you are obligated to comply with Data Protection & Cyber Security regulations enacted by local and international agencies. As the cyber field matures and develops, so does the legislation pertaining to its regulation. As your business develops and you enter new international markets, you will encounter local legislation affecting your operations in the region

Standards Certification Process Support Services

We help our clients to pass all regulatory audits,and offer standardized service packages to prepare for the most common regulations: ISO 27001/2, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 27799, PCI DSS, SOX, SOC 1+2  and of cause GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (EU) with Israel Personal Data Protection Law 

Our services are cloud oriented and bring innovative spirit to classic approaches and data-centers


With a looming deadline and potential fines, it’s vital to develop and implement a strong
cost-efficient strategy for Cloud Security. At CLOUDance, we provide our clients with comprehensive evaluation and ideal tailored solution, considering and including:

Business requirements

Organization optimization

Legal advisory
& support

Compliance assurance

Security management

GDPR-targeted software


Professional guidance from certified specialists


Efficient strategy to fill identified weaknesses and gaps


Professional management for constant compliance

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