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About CLOUDance

CLOUDance is the 1st cloud-security consulting firm in Israel

CLOUDance was established in 2013 with a clear vision, to:

                                 Provide End-to-End Cloud Security Services to Firms of all Sizes and Industries!

We hold onto hundreds of man-years of experience. With that we specialize in, and cover all aspects of cloud security: Cloud Technologies, Secure Architecture, Data Privacy, Business Needs, and Standards & Regulations.

We provide our customers with a broad range of services, including: CISO as a Service, Crisis Management, Risk Analysis, Secure Cloud Architecting, DevSecOps, Supply-Chain Security, Governance & Compliance and much more.


Our team of cloud-security experts is here to define your organization’s needs, design its architecture, and address any of your cloud-security concerns. We provide end-to-end consultation services, as well as complementary services, to cover all aspects of Cloud Security: Technological, Business and Legal.


Whether you're moving from on-prem to AWS, or just implementing Office365, we can make this transition secure and seamless for your organization. Perhaps you've experienced a security breach, or just received requirements from a strategic partner. Whatever your needs are, CLOUDance assures you a secure cloud experience. One which is aligned with your organizational policy, as well as complies with regulations and standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, ISO27001, and PCI-DSS.

CLOUDance has been serving hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the years. We serve customers of all sizes and types. For example, our customer-base includes small startups like Diagnostic Robotics and Large-Global startups like Moovit, Israeli Enterprises like Strauss-Group,  and Global Enterprises like Teva and Amdocs.

We are here to assist you, and promise to leverage our knowledge and expertise to benefit your organization.


Our Vision

We'll take care of Security and Compliance for Your Organization

Throughout your entire business lifecycle

We believe that Security and Compliance begin with an understanding of the business-case first. Then we build a strategy for cost-effective solutions and risk mitigation plans.

We believe in leveraging our cumulative experience, to draw a tailor-made plan, which is aligned with your organizational policy. Our plan should always be viable and effective, and yet we will make your systems secure, and your organization compliant.


Core Team


Sophia Fayans

Founder & CEO

Cloud Security Architect

B.Sc. Computer Science and Signals Processing

Information Systems Analyst, CCSK, GDPR-A

Acting CISO and Security Advisor


Nathan Ladin

CTO & Head of CISO Services

Cyber Security Expert with almost 30 years of experience

M.Sc. Computer Science and Information Telecommunication Security

CISSP , CISM , CRISK , CCSK and more

Acting CISO and Security Advisor of many organizations

Professional Authority in Cyber Defense Strategy and Crisis Management


Amil Haimov, Partner

Head of Cyber Research

Expert in Hacking and Cyber Research

Entrepreneur and Founder of Cobweb Security, a product company developing web security solutions 


Leader of a CTF winning team



Sandra Fayans

Head of GRC & DPO Services

Professional GRC Manager and DPO

B.Sc. Business Administration, Management and Operations

- with honor and Golden-Key award


20 year of experience in Supply chain management. Manages certifications and compliance with regulations in Privacy, Security and Healthcare fields