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ISO 27001/17 & SOC2 Certification

ISO 27k is beyond just a standard. In order to do business with the enterprise segment, obtaining and maintaining ISO certifications is a must!

ISO 27001 is a standard for information security management systems. Complying with ISO27001 (and being certified as such) is mandatory for virtually all organizations. The least for the ones which work with the enterprise sector.


ISO 27001 requires the identification of security needs and risks, as well as providing an answer for such needs, mainly via systems and controls.

ISO27001 is an independent standard, though it also acts as the basis of a large family of ISO 27k standards, all of which are an extension of ISO 27001.  Each extension presents an additional layer of requirements, to comply with additional laws and regulations.

More often than not, organizations are required to comply with multiple ISO 27k certifications. As this can get a bit out of hand, we are here to help, certify, and put things in place.


Cloudance will work together with you, to identify which standards apply to your organization, and which requirements shall be met. We’ll develop an effective strategy, and take you through the required steps to obtain compliance as well as official certifications.

Popular Certifications

  • ISO 27001 - Basic Information Security Standard

  • ISO 27017 - Cloud Security Standard

  • SOC 2 - US Auditing Procedure for Security

  • ISO 27701 - Personal Information Security Standard

  • ISO 27799 - Personal Health Information Security Standard