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IoT Security Services

Any Device Connected to the Internet is "Hackable" and can be Overcontrolled

In today's connected world, it is important, more than ever before, to analyze and design your IoT devices with cyber in mind. IoT endpoints as well as their control centers are prone to IoT attacks. As such, they should be protected.

However, manufacturers of IoT equipment may not hold onto the expertise required design secure solutions.


Here at Cloudance we hold onto experience and expertise in electronics, security and cloud security. With that, we offer IoT manufacturers the service of designing proprietary solutions, to audit, protect and secure IoT devices and control centers.


Our IoT services include IoT auditing, discovery and detection of unique security risks in your connected devices, IoT hardening, implementation of security controls, design of secure architecture and beyond.


We can make your IoT devices and control centers secure. 

Our IoT Security Services

  • Device Threat Level Detection/Protection

  • Securing IoT Connections

  • Brute Force Protection

  • Data Security

  • Secure Device / Firmware Update

  • Device Hardening

  • IoT Hijacking

  • Protection against Botnet Attacks