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CRISIS Management Services

Timely and precise response to an attack is crucial. We do not have the luxury of making mistakes.

An attack on your organization might have just been detected. How long has it been going for, and what would be the right way to respond? 

Critical decisions such whether or not to involve the authorities, must be made by the minute. Important aspects shall be assessed, such as technological, legal, business as well as psychological implications.

We at Cloudance help organizations manage and overcome crisis. If it's a Ransomware attack, we’d reach the human behind the bot. If it’s DDOS, fraud or credentials theft, we’d choose the right strategy to manage and contain the threat.

At Cloudance we specialize in collecting counter-intelligence. As needed we may escalate the incident and work together with our partners in Israel, USA, Russia, and Canada.


We’ve been there, done that. Our experience and connections are at your disposal, in such critical moments.

Our Crisis Management Services

  • Stop The Attack!

  • Effective Crisis Management

  • Ransom Negotiation

  • Problem Solving
  • Counter Intelligence Gathering
  • Involving the Authorities